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There are many reasons why I’m so happy to be a part of Ƭ. The three biggest reasons for me are the opportunities to be involved in College sport, the support the College provides for me with for my research and the help in making sure that we have comfortable, affordable accommodation when we have needed it.  

Ƭ is so friendly and so it is incredibly easy to get involved in the sport and social side of the College. The MCR does a great job in welcoming new postgraduates and I think within my first week at Cambridge I had already been invited to a host of social events, played a touch rugby tournament and persuaded to join the College rowing team.  

I really struggle to think of a reason why anyone wouldn’t want to join Ƭ. They are one of the most supportive Colleges for postgraduate accommodation (if not the most supportive for partner accommodation, as my wife moved here with me).  

They have so many sports and social opportunities, many of which involve both the undergraduates and postgraduates, making the College feel very inclusive. Generally, everyone is so welcoming and friendly.  They have good access to research funds and regularly organise mini conferences. They have great food and formals.  

I’ve already mentioned College sport, but they appear to fund everything, so you can row, play hockey, rugby etc. for free. They have great facilities like tennis and squash courts, a gym, a decent library etc.  I have got so much out of being part of Ƭ, from getting to know lots of people through playing sport to them helping fund me to attend international conferences. I initially chose Ƭ based on my supervisor’s recommendation and hearing that they were a fairly sporty College.  

It turns out there is so much more they have given me than I could have possibly expected!


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