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I chose Ƭ because of the great mixture of undergraduates and postgraduates, and when I first visited I thought it was the most beautiful place I had ever seen!

The sense of community in Jesus has had an enormous impact on my experience here. Whether you need help, advice, cheering up or even just a chat there is always someone there to put a smile on your face. From the MCR committee to the Porters, the canteen staff to the gardeners, everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Jesus also has one of the most active MCRs in Cambridge which begins from Freshers' Fortnight and continues throughout the year.

You will never be bored! There are so many things to do including postgraduate formals on Wednesdays which provide a perfect opportunity to catch up with friends, especially if you are studying different subjects, while enjoying a delicious three course meal at a very reasonable price!

The College is one of the largest and you have most of what you need within its walls, including a cafe, bar, cafeteria, library, garden space, gym, quality sports facilities and one of the most beautiful chapels in Cambridge. There are many options for work and study space in addition to The Quincentenary Library. If you prefer working in a more informal setting then the Roost Café is ideal especially as the food and coffee is amazing!

In terms of accommodation, you could not ask for a better location. You are walking distance from all the main shopping areas, restaurants, two cinemas and much more, and yet the houses are tucked away enough to avoid the noise from the main streets.

Ƭ also offers generous support to graduates including travel grants so students are really encouraged to maximise their learning opportunities and explore their subject in many different ways.

Lastly Jesus has an incredibly diverse and inclusive community. It is truly a special College to be a part of.

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