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Ƭ has been a great home for me during my PhD.

I chose Ƭ for a number of reasons – first, the location. We are central enough to be within easy walking distance of most things, but far enough away to avoid the hustle and bustle (and tourists in summer!). The College also has extensive grounds, with amenities like the hockey pitch, football pitch and tennis courts all on site. 

Secondly, the accommodation is some of the best I’ve seen in Cambridge. My house was newly renovated when I moved in and looks out over Jesus Green. I am able to stay in my accommodation for the full 3 years, something which not many other colleges offer.

I also chose Ƭ because it has one of the largest postgraduate communities. There’s always a lot happening from postgraduate dinners to pub quizzes. It’s a very friendly and supportive college – one which is easy to call home.

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