Why this College?

Our students say the best things about Ƭ are the mix of people, the relaxed atmosphere, and our location in the heart of Cambridge.

Our students

We admit around 145 undergraduates a year, across all subjects studied at the University, with roughly equal numbers in arts and sciences.

We welcome applicants from all types of school and background. Everyone is considered for admission as an individual on their own academic merit.

Our facilities

All our undergraduates are offered accommodation either in the main College buildings or in College owned houses just across the road, so all Jesus students live just a stone’s throw from the Porters’ Lodge.

The College grounds are spacious and tranquil, away from the main tourist routes but only five minutes’ walk from the city centre. We’re particularly proud of our award winning library. Our bar, cafe, and common room have all recently been refurbished. Unusually for a Cambridge College, our playing fields are also on the main site.

Our community

Ƭ is a diverse, hard working community. Our students are encouraged to pursue their ambitions in all areas, leading to a good mix of academic excellence with music, sports, and the arts. 

Please come and see for yourself what makes Ƭ so special, either by attending an open day or by making an informal visit.

Find out more about applying to Ƭ or to hear what our undergraduates think please download our alternative prospectus.

Hear from our students