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Undergraduate rents and what's included

Rents are based on each room's size and facilities. All our rooms are well furnished and centrally heated, with fast internet, and access to showers, laundry facilities, and basic kitchens. 

Your rent (also known as the 'accommodation licence fee') includes internet access, utilities, cleaning in communal areas, and laundry facilities. You pay the licence fee in three installments over the course of the year. Download the full list of undergraduate rooms and fees.

What type of rent will you need?

Undergraduate students are normally required to clear their room of all personal belongings during the Christmas, Easter and summer vacations and take everything home with them, as the College has very limited storage space. Students resident outside the UK and those living in the far north and west of the UK have priority for storing their belongings.

There are three types of accommodation licence:

  • Short - 27 weeks over the three terms. This applies to first year students only.
  • Standard - 32 weeks over the three terms. This applies to some first year students, but mostly to second, third, and fourth year students. 
  • Long - 38 to 39 weeks, from Michaelmas term until the end of Easter term. This applies to second, third, and fourth year students who wish to stay in their rooms during the vacations as well as in term time.

Included in your rent


All rooms are fully furnished with a standard set of furniture: a bed, wardrobe, desk, desk lamp, desk chair, bookcase, chest of drawers, bedside table, an armchair or easy chair, a notice board, and picture hooks. You need to bring your own bedding, pillows, bedlinen, and towels.

You can bring your own furniture and furnishings as long as they're listed in the accommodation licence agreement. The same goes for any electrical equipment - you're responsible for making sure that any electrical appliances you bring are safe to use and British Standard approved. We recommend getting your appliances Portable Appliance Tested before you arrive.


All kitchens are equipped with at least a kettle, toaster, hob, and refrigerator. Main site kitchens have microwaves and shared house kitchens have full ovens. You'll need to bring your own pots, pans, cutlery, and crockery.

If you have special requirements, for instance for health or religious reasons, please email student-rooms@jesus.cam.ac.uk to let us know.


The laundry room on the main College site is in the basement of Chapel Court, although North Court residents have their own laundry facilities. There are washing machines available to use in all shared houses and, in some cases, tumble dryers too.

Utilities and internet

Heating, lighting, and water bills are all included in your rent, as is high speed broadband internet access.


We can't accept any responsibility for loss or damage to students’ personal property.

Over the last few years, at the request of the , the College has taken out a block contents insurance policy with a provider called Endsleigh. This covers the personal belongings of resident students in the event of damage or loss resulting from fire, flood, and theft.

The annual premium for the basic is included within the rent. Limitations and exclusions to the basic cover apply. However, you can extend your cover to protect other items for an extra fee. Further information can be found on website. 

Cleaning in communal areas

The housekeeping department regularly clean all communal areas, including corridors, kitchens, and communal bathrooms. They also remove rubbish and recycling from communal areas. It will, however, be your responsibility to keep the communal areas in good order and to clean your own room. Equipment such as vacuum cleaners are available for you to use.

Not included in your rent

The University website has a .

Kitchen Fixed Charge

All undergraduate students who matriculated prior to 2022 are required to pay a termly Kitchen Fixed Charge (KFC) of £181 as their contribution towards the cost of the production, staffing and serving of meals. Meals will then be charged as taken. An application can be made to the Senior Tutor for an annual exemption from the KFC but only on grounds of health or religion. Note that exemptions cannot be backdated.

Television and TV licence 

If you wish to watch a television in your room, you will need your own valid annual TV licence, the College doesn't hold a general one. Please visit the  for further information.

How to report a problem with your room

At the start of the year you'll be able to view and check your room inventory which notes all furniture, furnishings, and fittings, and their condition.

If there are any items in your room which aren't working, you can , the College intranet. Once a fault report is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email and a fault report number. 

Porters' Lodge and security

The Porters’ Lodge at the main entrance to College is open 24 hours a day throughout the year. It's the main point of contact for out of hours emergencies. The Porters’ main responsibility is to ensure that the College is safe and secure. If you ever lose your University Card (which you need to access your accommodation), you can borrow a temporary access card after a quick security check.

If you have any questions about our undergraduate accommodation please email us at student-rooms@jesus.cam.ac.uk.

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