Undergraduate accommodation

All undergraduates can expect an affordable, comfortable room in the centre of Cambridge and at the heart of our College community.

Ƭ is in Cambridge’s city centre, located on a side street away from busy tourist routes. All our accommodation is located within or just outside College boundaries, which helps to keep the community feeling for which we're known.

Most places in Cambridge are within easy walking distance, although many of our students choose to use bikes. Nearly all our facilities are on this large, central site.

All undergraduates are expected to live in College accommodation. Rents are based on each room's size and facilities, and compare well to other Cambridge Colleges and other UK universities. You can see details of rent rates and what's included.

Rooms within College grounds

Rooms in the main College grounds date from the 18th century to the present, and nearly all have been extensively refurbished to a high standard. All are well furnished and centrally heated, with fast internet, washbasins, access to showers (often ensuite), central laundry facilities, and basic kitchens which contain a fridge, kettle, toaster, microwave, and electric hob. There are no shared rooms.

Your first room and the room ballot

When you first join the College we'll ask you to let us know about any special requirements. You'll be allocated a room, usually on the main site to help you settle into College life. Accommodation on the main site includes North Court, Library Court, Chapel Court, and Second Court.

Second, third, and fourth year students choose their rooms in an order determined by a ballot which is run by (JCSU), taking into account individual preferences for price and location. The following year, the order of the ballot is reversed.

Rooms outside College grounds

Typically, just under half of the second, third, and fourth year students choose to have rooms on the main site. The rest live in shared houses nearby which are owned by the College. These houses are often known as 'external staircases'. The rooms in our shared houses are also well furnished and centrally heated, with fast internet, but have their own kitchens and washing machines.

Ƭ is an accredited landlord

Ƭ has subscribed to the Accreditation Network UK (ANUK) Code of Practice for the Management of Student Accommodation. The Code sets out expected standards of service in accommodation provision for students. Further details can be found on the .

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