International students

Ƭ is a friendly, diverse and vibrant community; we welcome applications from  students from around the world.

Visiting the College

Prospective applicants are always welcome to visit the College and have a look around; just report to the Porters' Lodge on arrival. We understand that visiting in-person is not always possible, and so we have put together an extensive to enable you to explore our beautiful College remotely and find out more about what we offer students.

The application process

The application process is the same for all applicants to the University of Cambridge. With the exception of Medicine, where the University is restricted to admitting no more than a certain number of international students each year, we have no specific quotas or targets for international students. We seek to admit the strongest applicants to our courses, regardless of background.

We are experienced at working with and assessing students from a wide range of different educational systems. You can find out more about the qualifications we accept on the University’s . You can also .

Please note that we do not normally consider applications from students enrolled on a degree course at another university, unless:

  1. You are  or
  2. You are studying in the first year of a course as advised by the University because your school leaving qualifications are not adequate preparation for study at Cambridge or
  3. You have exceptional circumstances or
  4. You want to change the subject you're studying.

In cases 3 or 4, you will need strong support in the form of a written reference or letter of support from your course director.

If you transfer to Cambridge from another university, you will need to start your chosen Cambridge course from the beginning (first year). It is not possible to transfer credit to Cambridge from another university.

Find out more about  on the University website.

Admissions interviews

All interviews for 2024-2025 admissions cycle will be conducted online. This means that nobody will be required to travel to Cambridge, nor will overseas students be required to obtain a visa for such purposes. More detail about the interview process will be shared with those who apply to us later in the year.

Find out more about .

International fees and costs

All students assessed as overseas for the purposes of fee status will be required to pay overseas tuition fees. Our admissions decisions are made on academic criteria alone.

If you are unsure about your fee status (home/overseas), user-friendly guidance is freely available from the .

Tuition fees depend on the course being studied. A full breakdown of costs, including tuition fees, College fees and living costs, can be found under  on the University's website.

International students who have been made an offer post-application are eligible to apply for part-funding through the , known as the Cambridge Trust.

The University’s  provides information on visas to study at Cambridge. They also offer an advice service to assist students sponsored by the University in making a student visa application.

Settling into Ƭ

We understand that moving to another country for university can be challenging, so we offer a number of things to make the process as easy as possible for our international students:

  • All undergraduates are guaranteed housing in College accommodation for the duration of their studies
  • We have the option of slightly longer tenancies, meaning there is more time before the start and after the end of term to arrange travel back home, and priority for these rooms is given to international students
  • We provide free storage to students during the vacation periods, which means you do not have to worry about moving lots of items around over the course of your studies
  • The College can provide (for a small fee) a duvet and pillow, which will be in your room on your arrival, which means you will not have to bring one with you or buy one when you get here
  • The  (JCSU) has a specific officer responsible for the welfare of international students
  • The University provides on the practical aspects of living and studying in Cambridge.

What our students say

"Ƭ fosters a welcoming and inclusive environment for international students from across the world. The friendly community and endless support mean this is the perfect place to study, no matter where you come from." Devavrat, Mathematics

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