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Undergraduate FAQs

Here you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about admissions and life at Ƭ.

If you still have questions or you need more detailed answers, please email us at undergraduate-admissions@jesus.cam.ac.uk.

Does my background (school, financial, or religious) matter?

No. We welcome anyone who has the potential to thrive on our courses. We take some contextual information into account, such as the average performance at your school, but this is only to make sure we're assessing you fairly. No one who applies is successful or unsuccessful simply due to their background.

What is student life like at Ƭ, and in Cambridge?

Always busy, sometimes intense, but never boring. Our students work hard and take their studies seriously, but they also have a huge range of other interests. You'll have the opportunity to do everything you would do at any other university. You can dedicate your spare time to almost anything that interests you, from sport and music to student volunteering or spending time with your friends. There's no such thing as a typical student at Ƭ, we're proud of our diversity.

How should I choose which College to apply to?

College choice is a social decision, and the best way to choose a College is to consider whether you'd enjoy living there. Consider whether it offers the facilities you'd like, where it is in the city, and simply whether it 'feels' right when you visit. The important thing is not to worry about it too much. People almost always end up loving whichever College they apply to; it's far more important to get your choice of course right.

How should I prepare for my application?

There's no magic formula for success apart from hard work at school and a genuine interest in your subject. You should be engaging in your subject outside of school, but there's no set way you have to do this. Reading books or articles, attending talks or lectures, watching videos, or listening to podcasts are all great ways to prepare. Whatever you do, make sure you're actually interested, and don't be afraid to start a new book or consider a new idea if what you're working on isn't engaging you.

What's the interview process like?

The interview is a structured but relatively informal discussion about your subject. We won't expect you to know about subjects you don't study. We'll discuss questions which ask you to apply what you know to unfamiliar scenarios, to solve problems, and to think critically and flexibly. It doesn't matter what you wear or how you speak, and we're not looking for a 'smooth' performance. Just stay calm, listen to the questions being asked, and be prepared to consider things in new ways; many people find they enjoy their interviews.

Where can I find details of the admissions complaints and appeals process?

The Colleges’ shared approved policy and procedure for the can be found under Admissions complaints and appeals on the University website.

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