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Visiting and applying

Every year around 150 new postgraduate students join us at Ƭ. Find out about more about visiting us and the admissions process for postgraduates.

Visiting Ƭ

You are welcome to visit College in person without a prior appointment. Please ensure you speak to the Porters on arrival who will be able to provide you with a leaflet containing information about the College around a suggested walking tour of the buildings and grounds. They will also let you know if there are any areas of the College out-of-bounds during your visit for reasons including building works or filming. I'm afraid it is not possible to arrange a tour with Tutorial Department staff, but you are welcome to contact the MCR President (president@mcr.jesus.cam.ac.uk) well in advance of your visit to ask if any postgraduate students would be available to have a chat with you while you are here.

If you are unable to visit College in person, we hope our will give you an insight into College life. Fly over the whole site in aerial view or walk around the grounds, see inside some postgraduate accommodation, and visit the cafe, library and other College buildings.

University admissions

To apply for full time and part time postgraduate study you must go through the .

When you apply you can choose up to two Colleges. If you wish to be sure that your application is considered by Ƭ, please put us as your first College choice on your Postgraduate Application Form. We consider applications to study all courses that the University offers, except for the part time Master of Studies degree.

College admissions

Once you have an offer from your subject department or faculty then your application will be considered for College membership. If you put Ƭ as your first College preference on your Postgraduate Application Form, then your application documents will be sent to us first and will be reviewed by one of our Graduate Tutors. We'll use the same documents that you gave the University Postgraduate Admissions Office about your academic record, achievements, and academic interests. Every application is considered on its own merits using the same criteria. We aim to keep a balanced community of one year course and PhD research students.

We are currently considering College membership for applicants for courses starting in Michaelmas term 2024, Lent term 2025 and Easter term 2025. Please note you cannot apply directly to College for membership, this is an automatic part of your University postgraduate application.

If we are not able to offer you membership of Ƭ, then your application will be passed on to your second nominated College choice. We hope you join Ƭ, but don't worry if you are offered membership of a different College, we all offer a fun and supportive environment for your studies.

If you have any questions about the postgraduate admissions process you can call us on +44 (0)1223 339421 or email us at graduate-tutor@jesus.cam.ac.uk.

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