Can anyone attend Chapel?

Yes, everyone is welcome. For more details about the Chapel and our services please contact the Dean of Chapel or College Chaplain.

Is there a choir?

With our rich tradition of music, we have a number of choirs. Find out more on the Music page.

Is there good internet coverage?

All our properties have network points and there is good wireless broadband coverage across the College. Internet access and use is included in your rent.

When should I come to Cambridge?

The academic year begins at the start of October but you need to be in Cambridge for induction events the week before. If you're living in a College property, your accommodation will be available from 15 September.

Why is a May Ball held in June?

In the 1880s the celebrations were held when examinations were over, but when it was moved from May to June, the name stuck!

Which gown should I wear?

As a postgraduate student, you need to wear the Master's degree status gown, which is longer than the Bachelor's degree gown and with sleeves. You'll need a gown for Formal Hall, for your graduation ceremony, and other formal occasions.  

What sports clubs and societies are offered?

The Ƭ Students Union (JCSU) runs a wide range of clubs and societies which are open to all members of the College. Have a look at the list on the. If you think there's a society missing why not set it up?

Where can I get a bicycle?

You can buy a secondhand bike through the College from a student who is leaving. There are also a number of bicycle shops in Cambridge itself. Don't forget to buy a lock, lights, and a helmet too!

Do I have to pay fees before I arrive?

You don't need to pay your University fees until you get your first College bill at the beginning of term. If you'd like to make a payment in advance, you can do this by contacting our finance office.

What is the accommodation like?

We have a range of single study bedrooms, as well as flats and houses for those with partners. All our accommodation is close to the main College site, with some houses backing onto College property.

Most single study bedrooms have shared bathroom facilities, although there are a small number of ensuite rooms available. All properties have well equipped kitchens and laundry facilities and are fitted with network points, though there's also good WiFi coverage across the College. Rooms are priced according to size and features, so larger rooms and ensuite accommodation will generally be more expensive.

Our accommodation for partners are one and two bedroom units and have a kitchen, shower room and laundry facilities. Our properties are not generally suitable for families with children. We would advise anyone coming to Cambridge with children to contact the College well in advance to discuss accommodation options. 

Do postgraduates and undergraduates live together?

It's rare for undergraduates and postgraduates to share accommodation, we have properties set aside for each. There's a different process for room allocation, and different tenancy lengths.

Rooms inside the main College site are generally reserved for undergraduate students, especially first years. There are a range of shared houses close to the College that are offered to undergraduate or postgraduate students.

Can I visit College and view College accommodation?

As our accommodation is generally occupied all year round, it's unfortunately not possible to arrange viewings of individual rooms. However you're most welcome to visit the College, no appointment is necessary. If you'd like someone to show you around, please contact the Middle Combination Room (MCR) when you know the date of your visit and they'll arrange for a current postgraduate student to be your guide. 

Is there an age limit?

No. Our postgraduate students' ages have ranged from just 21 to over 60 and every age between.

Do we have to eat in the College cafeteria (also known as 'in Hall')?

Not unless you want to. Many of our postgraduates cook for themselves or share meals with their housemates.

What do I have to bring with me?

Once your admission to Jesus is confirmed you'll be sent a welcome pack including useful links and details on how to log in for full access to the College intranet JNet. Here you'll find lots of detailed information about what to bring. 

How far is Ƭ from my Department?

You can find showing where your department or faculty is located, with their postcodes. Our address is Ƭ, Jesus Lane, Cambridge CB5 8BL.

How many postgraduates are there in College?

Every year around 150 new postgraduate students join us, and 50 to 60 of these are first year PhD students. There are around 400 postgraduates studying at the College at any one time. 

Do I have to share a room?

No, all student rooms are single occupancy. We do have a few properties that are shared by two couples, but each couple has their own private room.

Do I need to leave my College room in the holidays?

No, postgraduate students are all offered an 11 month tenancy which runs from the middle of September to the end of August and includes the Christmas, Easter, and summer vacations.

Can I have mail sent to my house?

You should have all your post sent to the main College address, rather than to your individual property address. All post is sorted and distributed to pigeonholes in the Porters' Lodge. Students will receive a notice if they have received a package that is too large to fit in their pigeonhole.

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