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We're a close knit community in the centre of Cambridge, offering quality accommodation, facilities, and events for our postgraduate students.


We offer some of the best value postgraduate accommodation in Cambridge. All our rooms, flats, and houses are located very near to the College in the city centre, which is one of the reasons that Jesus has such a strong community feeling.

Middle Combination Room 

The Middle Combination Room (MCR) is the postgraduate common room, located on the first floor of West Court. It's a great space for relaxing, playing pool, watching TV or films, or catching up with friends.

Postgraduate study rooms

We use the Seminar Room in Staircase 1 of Library Court as a postgraduate study room for quiet study, writing, discussion and reading groups, presentations, and small seminars or workshops. It can also be used for supervisions if not already booked for any of the above. There is also a room available for postgraduate students to book for academic use in the Study Centre on Jesus Lane. This room can seat up to six students.

Food and drink

Eating together is part of life at Ƭ. All our postgraduate accommodation has good kitchen facilities, so you have the option of cooking for yourself or using our cafeteria, café-bar, or dining in Formal Hall. Find out more about food and drink at Jesus.

Arts, drama, and music

We have a thriving musical life in College, from orchestras to jazz groups to big bands. There are also two student choirs who sing in Chapel four times a week. Our music practice rooms are all on site and free to use.

The College also supports a huge range of arts and drama events, performances, and exhibitions. Our art and sculpture collection is unique in Cambridge, and we hold an annual student-run arts festival that showcases new work. 

Sports and societies

We have great on site sporting facilities. Whether you're serious about sport or just want to relax, you'll be able to take part and join a team.

There are dozens of student societies and groups at Jesus, and if your interest isn't represented we'll support you to set up a new one.


Our working library, the Quincentenary Library, is one of the finest in Cambridge. It's open 24 hours on virtually every day of the year and offers a quiet, comfortable, pleasant space to work in as well as rooms for group study and discussion. Also in the library building is our Kwok Room computer centre.

Multi-faith Space

We have a welcoming  in Library Court, Stair I, which is open to all College members. People of different faiths can use the space simultaneously; however, for a group booking of any one particular faith, please . It is open to visitors when they are accompanied by a Ƭ member.

, we ask that no shoes, alcohol, or food are brought into the space. The Multi-faith Space is a calm space for prayer and reflection, and access times mirror the Chapel, with out of hours access available via the Porters.

The Porters’ Lodge

The Porters' Lodge is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist students, staff, and visitors and ensure that the College is a safe and secure environment. The Porters' Lodge is the main point of contact for any out of hours emergencies. 


Our Chapel is open to everyone in College as a place of worship, reflection, and enquiry. Open every day for those seeking quiet or prayer, we also host a number of special events in addition to services.

For more information about our facilities for postgraduates take a look at the .

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