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Societies and social

Our College is big enough that you'll find lots of people to share your interests, but small enough that you'll get to know most other students.

People often comment on the strong community feeling at Ƭ, helped by the fact almost all our students live very close to the College site. We're right in the centre of town, so it's easy to go and see friends from other Colleges too.

We have very good facilities for students, including a brand new common room, café-bar, and a function room for parties. Our annual is very popular and sells out every year.

Societies and groups

Most of our students belong to at least one society. They're a great way of meeting people who share your interests, and we have a huge variety on offer. If none of the existing societies are quite what you're looking for you can always set up one of your own.

Some cater for interests and hobbies, such as the drama, film, current affairs, and photographic societies. Others, like the Science Society, are closely linked to subjects. The Coleridge Society hosts interdisciplinary discussions across literature, history, political theory, theology, and philosophy.

There are also academic and professional benefits to some societies, for example the Law Society has links with prestigious firms and figures within the legal world, and the Music Society often hosts well known guest musicians alongside regular performances. 

College student unions

Most societies receive some funding from the College's student unions: the  (JCSU) for undergraduates and the (MCR) for graduates, although many of their events and activities are open to all students.

The JCSU and MCR also have common rooms for undergraduates and graduates respectively, providing a social space and facilities inclusing wide screen televisions and pool tables.

Students unions organise many different events and initiatives, from Freshers’ Week at the start of the year - where everyone works hard to welcome new students and help them find their feet - to celebrations after exams at the end of the year.

Each student union elects a president and committee every year to represent students on College committees, host open meetings, run information evenings, and encourage students to participate in Cambridge and national elections. Through the unions students are represented on many of the main committees that govern the College and their views are taken seriously.

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