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Quincentenary Library accessibility

The main library facilities for Ƭ are contained in the Quincentenary Library. Library services are spread across three floors, all accessible step free.

Magnifying glasses, bookrests, coloured overlays, fidget toys, SAD lamps, whiteboards and earplugs are available from the library foyer. A variety of foot and wrist rests, seat pads blankets, fans and lamps are also available. A member of staff is available to provide assistance during normal working hours. More information about the Quincentenary Library's accessibility equipment can be found on the .


The Quincentenary Library is located in the southeast of the site. It can be accessed from Library Court via a set of steps or a slight slope. It can be accessed from the rear garden to the north of the library via a slope.

Entrance access

Approach from Library Court: The surface of the approach is block paving. There are 5 unmarked steps with handrails on both sides, to the northwest of Library Court. The steps are within the recommended range of 15cm to 18cm, and have a depth within the recommended range of 30cm to 45cm. There is a permanent ramp on the approach with a slight gradient and no handrails to the southwest of Library Court. The width of the ramp is 135cm. It has a level landing at the top and bypasses the steps.

Approach from the rear garden: The surface of the approach is block paving. There is a permanent ramp with a slight gradient and no handrails. After the ramp, there is a set of double doors with a widths of over 110cm each.

Entrance: This entrance, situated at the front of the building off Library Court, provides access to the ground floor. Access requires a key card, with the reader positioned at a height of 95cm. A bell is available, positioned at a height of 132cm, but there is no intercom system. 

Doors: There are separate automatic single doors for entry and exit purposes. The single door to the right is used for entering the building, while the single automatic door to the left is designated for exiting the building. The main door(s) open automatically towards you, with a door opening width of 82cm. The minimum width between the security barriers is 103cm.

Inside the building

Circulation: There is step free access through out the buildings via the lift, with the exception of the light reading collection which is accessed via the steps to the back spiral staircase. The flooring consists of carpet and stone, with some sections being shiny which could cause issues with glare or look slippery for some people. There is good colour contrast between the walls and floors throughout. Lighting levels vary throughout the space. Background music is not played in the communal areas of this venue, and there is no hearing assistance system available in these areas.

Study rooms: The staff office and the Kwok Computer Room are both situated on the ground floor. The Kwok Computer Room requires key card access. There are two group study rooms: the Garden Room on the ground floor and the EDS Room on the first floor. The Quiet Study (Creswick Room) is located on the first floor.

Desks and chairs: The majority of reading and study desks are 72cm in height. There are no adjustable desks available. Seating, both with and without armrests, is available at regular intervals. Ergonomic chairs and beanbags are also available at regular intervals. 

Borrowing: The self-service book borrowing machines can be found in the entrance foyer near the reception area. The touchscreen of the machines are positioned between the heights of 110cm and 132cm. A member of staff is available to provide assistance.

Stairs: There are a set of 3 steps on the right as your enter the library, giving access to the back spiral staircase, the light reading collection, lost property and the lockers. The height of the steps is 15cm and the depth is between the recommended measurements  of 30-45cm. There is no hand rail. The lighting level is good.

The steps lead to the back spiral staircase which offers access to the other floors. The back stairs are located approximately 10 meters from the main entrance and are clearly visible from there. Access to the stairwell on each floor is through manual, heavy, double doors. There are over 15 steps between each floor. While the height of the steps falls within recommended guidelines, their depth does not. Handrails are present on the left side going up, meeting recommended height and grip standards, though they lack horizontal extension beyond the first and last steps. Lighting levels at the steps are good.

The main stairs are located centrally in the building. There are 15+ steps between each floor. There are handrails on both sides of the stairs.

Lift: The lift, situated to the left upon entering, is clearly visible and approximately 3 meters from the main entrance. Accessible floors include G, 1, and 2, with a weight limit of 1000kg. While there are no floor facilities signs in the lift lobby landings, there is ample space (150cm × 150cm) in front of the lift for manoeuvering. External controls are conveniently located between 90cm - 110cm from the floor, with good visual contrast. The lift's dimensions are 125cm x 155cm, with a clear door width of 90cm. Although there are no separate entry and exit doors, there is a mirror for reversing, Braille and tactile markings, and good lighting levels within the lift.

Closest toilets

For detailed information about the facilities in each accessible toilet, see Accessible toilets.

The closest accessible toilet can be found on the second floor, on the right as you exit the lift.

The closest standard toilet(s) are on the first floor, on the left as you exit the lift.

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