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Coleridge Room accessibility

The Coleridge Room is in the northeast corner of Pump Court. It is on the first floor, with step free access via a ramp and lift.

If you are a conference guest, you can visit the conference room information for the Coleridge Room.

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The Coleridge room is in the northeast corner of Pump Court. It is on the first floor, accessed via steps or a short ramp and then a lift. 

Entrance access

Steps to the entrance door: At the northeast corner of Pump Court, there are steps leading to the Coleridge Room, totalling 19 steps. The steps are not clearly marked and do not meet the recommended depth of 30cm to 45cm. Handrails are present on both sides of the steps but are not at the recommended height of 90cm to 100cm. Handrails for steps 3 to 9 are rounded for easy gripping. Beyond step 9, the handrails are not as user-friendly.

Coleridge Room steps
Coleridge Room steps

Ramp: There is a short ramp to avoid the steps. The ramp is positioned to the right when facing the entrance; it offers a slight gradient. The ramp is permanent with a level landing at the top. The ramp is 125cm wide and there are no handrails. 

Doors: The entrance doors are heavy and not automated. The door open away from you and have a width opening of 81cm.

Lift: The lift, positioned ahead upon entering, is situated roughly 4m from the entrance. Operating as a platform lift, it does not require staff notification for use and provides access to floors G and 1, with a weight limit of 300kg. 

There is not a clear, level manoeuvring space of 150cm × 150cm in front of the lift.  The door width is 81cm. The lift dimensions measure 89cm x 126cm. The internal controls are not positioned within the recommended height range of 90cm - 120cm from the floor but instead at a height of 80cm. There are no separate entry and exit doors nor a mirror for reversing. 

Coleridge Room lift
Coleridge Room lift

The lift has a visual floor indicator and audible announcer. There is no provision for a hearing loop system or Braille markings, though tactile markings are present. Lighting levels inside the lift are moderate to good. The colour contrast between the external lift control plate and the wall is poor. 

There is a short slight slope leading down upon exiting the lift on the first floor.

Coleridge Room lift controls
Coleridge Room lift controls

Inside the room

Signage for the room is clearly displayed on or near the door. 

The corridor outside the room does not meet the recommended width (150cm+) to allow wheelchair users to pass.

There is step-free access from the corridor into the room, the door opening is wider than 75cm. Access to the speaker's area at the front is step-free. The speaker's table is fixed at a height of 94cm.

A hearing assistance system is available. There is no visual fire alarm beacon in the room. 

Some fixed furniture occupies the space and there are uneven floor coverings. The room has an unobstructed minimum turning space of 150cm x 150cm.

A small alcove with tea and coffee facilities includes a counter at a height of 96cm, along with a self-service coffee machine positioned between 128cm and 160cm for easy access.

Coleridge Room
Coleridge Room

Closest toilets

For detailed information about the facilities in each accessible toilet, see accessible toilets.

The Pump Court accessible toilet is situated on the ground floor, to the left upon entering through the Coleridge Room lift entrance. 

Male and female standard toilets can be found on the first floor, across from the Coleridge Room, to the right upon exiting the lift. Shared standard toilets are available on the ground floor, to the left as you enter via the Coleridge Room lift entrance.


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