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Buildings and grounds access guide

Although the College includes historic buildings, it also has many accessible conference rooms, meeting rooms and other public spaces as well as accessible toilets throughout the site. 

If you are visiting the College for an interview, event or meeting, this page contains detailed information about accessibility for the public rooms at Ƭ. If you have questions or specific requirements, please contact the organiser of your visit in advance. 

The College site is large and complex. You will find it helpful to refer to the full size map whilst reading this page.

Room and building accessibility, A-Z

The hyperlinks below each link to a new webpage with detailed information.

Alcock Room

Chapter House

Coleridge Room

Cranmer Room

Hall and Upper Hall

Quincentenary Library

Marshall Room

Porters' Lodge

Prioress's Room

Roost Café Bar, Brewery Room, MCR and JCR

Study Centre

West Court - Elena Hall and Sibilla Room

West Court - Webb Library

West Court - reception, Frankopan Hall, Bawden Room, Fulburn Room, Bain Room, Radegund Hall.


General site access

Main pedestrian entrance: The primary pedestrian entrance is on Jesus Lane, offering step-free access via a push pad-activated gate and a ramp. The gate and ramp are at least 94cm wide, with push pads approximately 100cm high. The exit push pad is positioned before the ramp, with a delayed gate closure to provide ample time for ramp use. Just beyond the entrance, a level paved walkway, known as The Chimney, leads to the Porters' Lodge.

The Chimney entrance
The Chimney entrance

West Court entrance: Another pedestrian entrance is available at West Court on Jesus Lane, featuring step-free access. There are two sets of automatic double doors. The width of the first pair of doors is 147cm, the second set is 149cm. There is a small lip at the threshold of 2cm on both doors and a small slope with an easy incline. There is a recess providing weather protection. The entrance doors contrast visually with the immediate surroundings.

West Court entrance
West Court entrance

Vehicle entrance on Victoria Avenue: Accessible parking is sometimes available with prior reservation via the Victoria Avenue gate. Staff and students with key cards can also enter via this gate. The Victoria Avenue gate leads to Chapel Court, Library Court and North Court car parks. For more information on accessible parking, see Accessibility.

Victoria Avenue entrance
Victoria Avenue entrance

Vehicle entrance on Lower Park Street: Staff and students with key cards can enter via the vehicle entrance on Lower Park Street, which includes a pedestrian gate with a key card reader at 103cm high. The gateway is 72cm wide with an uneven surface, which may not be suitable for everyone. An intercom at 122cm allows staff to open the vehicle gates if needed.

Lower Park Street entrance
Lower Park Street entrance

Main vehicle exit on Jesus Lane: Key card holders can also access the site through the main vehicle exit on Jesus Lane, which features a pedestrian gate that opens automatically with a key card. This gate offers level access and a wide entrance at 165cm, with the key card reader at 95cm and an intercom at 123cm for assistance.

Entrance on Jesus Lane
Entrance on Jesus Lane

Getting around College

The Ƭ site is predominantly level, featuring paved paths that encircle and connect various courtyards. Most paths are smooth, even and over 150cm wide, with occasional bench seats for resting. There are some areas where paths might be narrower, less smooth, or have slightly uneven paving, but generally, step free, flat access is available around the external areas of the site.

Library Court access: While there are steps on one side of Library Court, these can be avoided by taking the path on the opposite side.

Library Court
Library Court

Chapel Court to Library Court: The path linking Chapel Court to Library Court via the Chapel has a short, steep slope.

Ramp between Chapel Court and Library Court
Ramp between Chapel Court and Library Court

G stair passageway: There are also steep, short ramps in the passageway at G Stair, which connects Cloister Court to J, K, L Stairs, and Chapel Court.

Ramp in passageway at G stairs
Ramp in passageway at G stairs between Chapel Court and Cloister Court

West Court to Roost Café: The path behind West Court, next to The Orchard, includes a slight slope leading down past the Roost Café.

Ramp outside the Roost cafe
Ramp outside the Roost

Signage and navigation: Directional signage around the site is limited, so visitors unfamiliar with the layout may need an escort or a map. Wall-mounted maps are available at the Angel and North Archways, and paper copies can be requested from the Porters' Lodge.

Visual and hearing impairment information

Alarms: Visual and sensory fire alarms are available on request. Please contact the event or meeting organiser in advance of your visit. 

Assistance dogs: Visitors with assistance dogs are welcome. Prospective students, please contact Student rooms to discuss live-in dogs well in advance.

Induction loops: A portable induction loop is available from the Porters' Lodge. Several of the larger rooms also have a permanent hearing loop system.


There is full list of the facilities in each of the eight accessible toilets around the site. Each room description also states the nearest accessible toilet.

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