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Alcock Room accessibility

The Alcock Room is in the northwest corner of Cloister Court. There is no step free access and the main entrance is via 15+ steps, however it is possible to use the lift and then there is only one step into the Alcock Room.

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The Alcock Room is situated in the northwest corner of Cloister Court. Cloister Court, located at the centre of the site, can be accessed externally through First Court, Chapel Court or Pump Court. 

Entrance access

There are two access points for Alcock Room: either from Cloister Court, via 15+ stairs, or alternatively by taking the stairs or lift to the landing where the toilets are just outside the dining Hall, and then going through the door to the Alcock Room and down one step. For information about getting to the second, alternative entrance, see Hall accessibility.

The door from Cloister Court is 77cm wide. The door is manual and heavy. It is sheltered by a canopy for weather protection. The entrance is not clearly marked.

Entrance door to stairs for the Alcock and Cranmer Room
Entrance door to stairs for the Alcock and Cranmer Room

The stairs to the Alcock Room are situated immediately beyond the entrance and clearly visible from there. There are aver 15 steps. The step height falls within the recommended range of 15cm to 18cm, but the step depth does not meet the recommended range of 30cm to 45cm and steps lack clear markings. There are handrails on the left side going up, though they are not at the recommended height of 90cm to 100cm. While the handrails cover the length of the stairs, they are not easy to grip and do not extend horizontally beyond the first and last steps. Lighting levels on the steps vary. The corridor outside the room is less than 150cm wide.

To access the room, there are two manual doors. The first door opens towards you (pull), and the second door opens away from you (push). The doors opening to the room are narrower than 75cm and are not push pad activated.

Inside the room

The floor coverings are even and free of trip hazards.

The room is equipped with a hearing assistance system. There is no visual fire alarm beacon in the room.

The room does not contain fixed furniture, and the clear floor space under the tables is 66cm. Chairs with armrests on both sides are provided.

Closest toilets

For detailed information about the facilities in each accessible toilet, see Accessible toilets.

The closest accessible toilet can be found at the northwest corner of Cloister Court, or by exiting the Alcock Room through the alternative entrance on to the landing outside the dining Hall.

The closest standard toilet are in the same locations.

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