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Ƭ is committed to being as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.

Some of our architecture is historic, which makes some access requirements difficult to accommodate, but we are always looking for ways to improve the experience people have when working, studying or visiting here.

Below is some information about accessibility at Ƭ:

Student applications

 contains lots of useful information about  including accessibility information for all Cambridge colleges. Prospective applicants are encouraged to  at any point in the application process. Enquiries before application are welcomed.

 can be found on the Postgraduate Admissions Office website.

Prospective applicants are also welcome to contact our Tutorial department with any queries about their application or accessibility requirements for admissions interviews.


We have some accessible  and  accommodation. Students with any access requirements or questions are encouraged to email our Student Rooms team.

We have one wheelchair accessible guest room in our West Court accommodation, complete with a wet room. If you have any further queries please .

Library equipment

Magnifying glasses, bookrests, coloured overlays, fidget toys and earplugs are available from the library foyer. A variety of foot and wrist rests, seat pads blankets, fans and lamps are also available. 

More information about the Library's accessibility can be found on the .


We have several fully accessible event spaces and an accessible guest room in our West Court accommodation. We aim to offer all attendees assistance on arrival where needed, but if you have specific requirements, please  Specific information about meeting and conferencing rooms can be found on the Buildings access guide.

Large-print letters and information can be arranged. Please contact the event or meeting organiser in advance of your visit.

Accessible parking

Visitors are not normally able to use the very limited parking in Ƭ and are instead encouraged to use the Park and Ride, public transport or to park in municipal car parks if necessary. However, parking is sometimes available for visitors with accessibility needs although it is not always possible to reserve parking spaces. If you are visiting for an interview, meeting or event, please contact the organiser to let us know you need accessible parking.

Photographs of the main car parks are displayed at the bottom of this page. Click or hover over the photo for a description of the location.

West Court

If you are visiting West Court you may find it easier to park in the accessible bays on Jesus Lane near Pizza Express and Primo Cycles; they are geographically closer to that part of the College and the walk to the building is cobble and step-free.

Chapel Court car park

We have two accessible parking spaces which can be found in the Chapel Court car park, to the left of the Boaty Arch. Enter via the Victoria Avenue gate then turn left when you reach the College buildings. The Blue Badge parking bays have dimensions of 360 cm x 480 cm each. 

The car park is open-air without a height restriction barrier, with a tarmac surface. Step free access is available from this car park via the Angel Archway. Note that the nearest entrance, the Boaty Archway entrance has a step. The nearest buildings are those in Chapel Court. 

North Court car park

This car park is to the north of the site. The car park is open-air without a height restriction barrier. The surface is loose chippings. Accessible parking spaces are not available. There is open, step-free access to North Court from the front right corner of the car park. The North Archway in this car park also provides step-free access to Second Court through an open gateway and short passage. The nearest buildings are those in North Court and Second Court.

Library Court/Housekeeping car park

This car park is just before the the Jesus Lane vehicle exit. The car park is open-air without a height restriction barrier. The surface is loose chippings. There is open step free access to Library Court, although note that there are steps on one side of Library Court which can be avoided by taking the path on the opposite side. There is step free access from this car park to Chapel Court by returning back up the access road to Angel Archway. The nearest buildings to this car park are those in Library Court. 

Vehicle entrance on Lower Park Street

Staff and students with key cards can enter via the vehicle entrance on Lower Park Street, which includes a pedestrian gate with a key card reader at 103 cm high. The gateway is 72 cm wide with an uneven surface, which may not be suitable for everyone. An intercom at 122 cm allows staff to open the vehicle gates if needed.

Main vehicle exit on Jesus Lane

Key card holders can also access the site through the main vehicle exit on Jesus Lane, which features a pedestrian gate that opens automatically with a key card. This gate offers level access and a wide entrance (165 cm), with the key card reader at 95 cm and an intercom at 123 cm for assistance.

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