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Master's welcome

Welcome to Ƭ; a seat of learning for over 500 years.

We are a diverse community made up of undergraduates, postgraduates, Fellows and staff, from many different backgrounds and from across the world. Over 1,000 people live and work in our beautiful site in the heart of Cambridge. Our ancient cloistered walkways, stunning gardens and new facilities offer a perfect mix of surroundings for students and academics to pursue individual and collective excellence.

It is an absolute delight to be the Master of Ƭ. Whether you are here to study, work, teach, research or to visit one of our many conferences, I am sure you will realise that it is a fantastic place to be. Not just because of the historic buildings but because this beautiful College is cemented together by an incredibly warm, lively, inclusive community. Everyone welcomed me, and I in turn would like to welcome you.

Our mission is to provide a caring, collegiate home that stimulates and supports intellectual curiosity and achievement. We want people, whatever their background, to realise their potential here and discover their sense of agency. From bright prospective applicants, to outstanding current students achieving excellent results, through to renowned academics leading award-winning multidisciplinary projects, Ƭ is a place that nurtures, encourages and enriches.

Our community extends far beyond Cambridge. Many alumni, having gone on to make an impact on society, still remember their time at the College with great affection and see it as a transformative period in their lives. I am delighted that so many continue to give back with their time and talents and recognise the impact their philanthropy can have on future generations.

Please do take a look around, either on this website or by visiting us in person – Ƭ extends you a warm welcome.

Sonita Alleyne OBE

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