Environment and sustainability

At Ƭ we are working on the best ways to respond to the urgent challenge of climate change, and looking at a wide range of areas where we can play our role in the transition to a zero-carbon future.

As a community, we are increasingly aware of the importance of doing our best to behave in a more sustainable manner. We have published the following:

Some of the most significant benefits of our strategies and actions may not be noticeable for years, but the impact will benefit the environment for decades. You can read more about our latest actions in the news section below.

"Our vision is to be recognised globally as a leading academic institution where sustainability is intrinsic through engagement, collaboration and innovation. Every member of our community will understand and embrace the principles of sustainability and act as a catalyst for positive, sustainable change for generations." - Environment Committee's sustainability vision for the College

Environment vision

Ƭ has an active Environment Committee made up of academics, staff and student representatives. It meets every term to help all departments of the College to develop best practice. The Committee reviews environmental policies and guidance, and it sets up working groups to consider and report on particular issues.

Sustainability Strategy

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