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Welcome to Ƭ, one of the 31 Colleges in the University of Cambridge.


We have a large community made up of undergraduates, postgraduates, Fellows and staff. Each is an independent self-governing body, with its own mission and valuesconstitution, endowments and income. The College chooses its own students and elects its own Master and Fellows (faculty).

The College site

Ƭ is on a single large site on a quiet side street in the centre of Cambridge. It was established between 1496 and 1516 on the site of the twelfth-century Benedictine nunnery of St Mary and St Radegund whose buildings, which included a huge church, were adapted to house it. These buildings remain at the College’s centre, and beyond them there are 24 acres of sports fields and gardens

Undergraduate teaching

In Cambridge undergraduate teaching is shared between colleges and the University. Lectures, seminars and practical classes are the University’s responsibility, and the University conducts examinations and awards degrees. It is in the colleges that undergraduates receive the individual teaching and guidance that is the distinguishing feature, and a major strength, of the Cambridge system. 

Every undergraduate has a subject-specific Director of Studies, usually a Fellow of the College, who mentors them throughout their degree course. A Director of Studies also arranges the once or twice-weekly meetings or 'supervisions' of small groups of students with a topic-specific teacher, who will discuss their written work and assigned reading and test their understanding of a topic. This personalised system helps students to understand extensive and complex material rapidly, and encourages intellectual rigour, freedom of thought and critical debate.

Postgraduate community

Ƭ is home to a large postgraduate community including students from all over the world. There is a strong support network for postgraduates and they can seek financial help and welfare support, as well as have a busy social life in College.

Every postgraduate is assigned a College Contact who is a Jesus Fellow based in a subject close to your own degree. It may be that they're also your faculty supervisor or adviser. We also have a Graduate Tutor and a Deputy Graduate Tutor. They act on behalf of our postgraduates, from attending College committees to submitting appeals and allowances.

Home to undergraduates and postgraduates

The College is home and a social centre for its undergraduate and postgraduate students. There is good value accommodation for undergraduates and postgraduates, a huge variety of food and drink and a well-stocked library. We have great sports and music facilities, opportunities to get involved with arts and drama, and lots of societies and social activities.

Research and academic initiatives

Ƭ works with a range of international partners to support cutting edge research and innovation in its state-of-the-art West Court development. 

Our status

Ƭ is a Registered Charity, registered with the , number 1137462.

Our Royal Charter number is RC000283.

Our registered address is Ƭ, Cambridge CB5 8BL.

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